Ohayo, Kyoto

Kyoto is one of those cities that exemplifies the symbiotic nature Japanese culture. A city known for its many historical landmarks and UNESCO world heritage sites it blends both modern and ancient life astonishingly well. Once the capital of Japan, it was the center of culture, knowledge, power etc. and the preservation of many elements […]

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Konichiwa, Kamakura

Once the de facto capital of Japan during the Kamakura period in Japanese history, Kamakura today is small but beautiful city that is an inspiration for many anime series such as Slam Dunk. In today’s post I wanted to focus on gaining inspiration from the aesthetics of an environment, ranging from the macro to the micro. Going […]

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Old & New, Tōkyō

Despite a reputation for being a “futuristic city”, the very fabric of Tokyo is very much a blending of old and new. Japan and Japanese people may have (from a surface level) embraced technology, and modernity it is never really far from their deeper connection to traditional Japanese culture. Modernity is only a layer on […]

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Views of Tokyo

When people say Japan is such a different country compared to the rest of the world, I wholeheartedly agree. The blend of old and new, digital and analog, east and west creates a constantly evolving landscape of interesting dichotomies that shapes the country. Japan, or rather Japanese people have an innate ability of incorporating the […]

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White building

3 Important Lessons in Photography

What are some important lessons to learn in photography? I have been contemplating this question for since I started photography as a hobby. I don’t claim to be an exceptional talent or an authority in photography. What I want to highlight are key lessons I’ve learned over the years and synthesized into this post. This […]

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Thoughts on Sustainable Digital Design

About the image: Week two of the 52 week photo challenge calls for a traditional landscape photograph. Although Toronto and the surrounding areas have beautiful natural scenes, the most accessible locations for me this past week was in the city. The layering of buildings of varying heights, and mash of architectural styles all fused into […]

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