Chris Erl

Role: Web Designer

Skills: HTML & CSS, Content Curation, WordPress CMS, Brand Development, Photoshop, Social Marketing

I was brought in to help a student body presidential candidate create a website to act as the central hub for his campaign and engagement. Despite being challenged with finishing the project within record time, I was able to quickly understand who Chris Erl was as a person and what he wanted to represent. With this knowledge I was able to translate all the material he had along with his brand identity onto a website. This website allowed Chris Erl to engage with others while having a central hub in which all interested parties could gain the latest information about his campaign progress.

This site set a precedents in terms of how a Student Body Presidential Candidate campaign site should look like. The campaign sites since this Chris Erl’s having been following in his footsteps and have improved and focusing more on engagement.


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