Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

Role: Web Designer

Skills: Drupal CMS, Web Design, HTML & CSS, Layout, Typography, Colour Selection, Asset Management, Content Migration

A key component of my work at the Ecumenical Advocacy was the creation of a new website that would be brought up to date in terms current web standards. The new website would feature new functionalities, designs and have more of a visual impact. The beginning of this project was a daunting task I was unfamiliar with Drupal CMS however due to my knowledge in Joomla and WordPress I was able to quickly learn how to operate Drupal. In addition due to Drupal being more reliant on the user knowing how to code PHP, HTML, and CSS I was able to vastly improve my skills within those areas over the course of this project.

Despite the challenges, I was able to move the project along at a significant pace. Creating a whole new look to the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance that was both visually engaging and easy to navigate.


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