Brief History of the False Creek Flats

Role: Animation Designer

Skills: 2.5D Parallax Animations, Video + Audio Editing, Colour Grading, Photo Processing

This video piece was created for the Vancouver Economic Commission as part of a project that sought to brand the False Creek Flats through business engagement. This video animation piece was one of the four key components to the multimedia platform. Each of these components served to tell a different story in regards to the False Creek Flats.

1. 2.5D Parallax Animation = The historical development and value of the False Creek Flats
2. Infographics & Video Interviews = The present day outlook of the Flats both from the government and local business perspective
3. Motiongraphic Video = The future of the Flats, how it can be developed to create a sustainable and greener future for the city.
4. Mailchimp & Engagement Tools = Used to encourage residents of the Flats to engage with each other and the government to create a common dream.

This project was successfully delivered to the Vancouver Economic Commission and has been carried on by the VEC as the main platform in which the community can engage with each other on. In addition, it has set a precedent within the VEC in terms of the potential for a multimedia platform and it’s power to reach people.

All photographs were sourced from the City of Vancouver Archives and then processed with Photoshop and After Effects.


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