EAA Campaign Banners

Role: Graphic Designer

Skills: Graphic Design, Layout, Typography, Illustrator, Photoshop

The rebranding process for the EAA was a wonderful project to be part of as I had the opportunity to work on variety of material, ranging from Websites to banners to print design. All of which had the goal of unify the EAA’s content under one style that provided a look and feel that engaged viewers.

Having photography as a complimentary skilled really helped me develop a new style for the EAA. I wanted any banner, template, newsletter or site button to be visually engaging. As such I used photographs to convey the primary feel of the message with vibrant colours and bold text to convey the details. This results in a bold design that draws the eye of the viewer. These banners are now widely used by the EAA on their website, Mailchimp templates etc.

WAD2012-01 FF_banner_EAA MC_banner_EAA MC_banner_LTP

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