Interfaith Pre-conference to the IAC 2012

Role: Graphic Designer 

Skills: Graphic Design, Layout design, Typography, Print Design,Digital Publishing, Adobe InDesign + Illustrator + Photoshop, Powerpoint

As a part of my internship at the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance there was brief period in which I was both the Webmaster and Graphic Designer. As such I created a visual package for the Interfaith Pre-Conference to the 2012 International AIDS Conference in Washington D.C. The package included the creation of a programme, a keynote presentation and a flyer. This package was created within a one week period of time at the very start of my time at the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance. I was still learning about the organization and the different types of work they were doing when I challenged myself with this daunting project. I prioritized the event programme first as I knew after I mocked up the look and feel and all related visual components I would be able to generate more elements with a similar branding.

The final package was delivered to the printers at the start of the following week and distributed to all the members of the Pre-Conference with great success.



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